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Board Minutes

The Agreed Minutes of the WMAS Board of Directors can be viewed below.

These Minutes are updated as and when they have been formally approved by the Board of Directors.

Historical copies may be requested from the Trust Secretary. 

Minutes - 25 May 2016.pdf
Minutes 30 March 2016.pdf
Minutes 27 January 2016.pdf
Minutes 17 December 2015.pdf
Minutes 25 November 2015.pdf
Minutes 28 October 2015.pdf
Minutes 29 July 2015.pdf
Minutes 27 May 2015.pdf
Minutes 26 March 2015.pdf
Minutes 28 January 2015.pdf
Minutes 29 October 2014.pdf
Minutes 29 July 2014.pdf
Minutes 26 June 2014.pdf
Minutes 29 May 2014.pdf
Minutes 24 April 2014.pdf
Minutes 26 March 2014.pdf
Minutes 29 January 2014.pdf
Minutes 29 October 2013.pdf
Minutes 31 July 2013.pdf
Minutes 26 June 2013.pdf
Minutes 29 May 2013.pdf
Minutes 24 April 2013.pdf
Minutes 27 March 2013.pdf
Minutes 27 February 2013.pdf
Minutes 30 January 2013.pdf


​Contact details

If you require any documentation that we have not currently listed or have any queries regarding the content on this page, please contact:

Trust Secretary
Phil Higgins

West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
Millennium Point
Waterfront Business Park
Waterfront Way
Brierley Hill
West Midlands
DY5 1 LX

Email: Board of Directors

Telephone: 01384 215555