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​Workforce Race Equality Standard


The aim of the WRES is to improve workplace experiences and employment opportunities for BME people in the NHS. It also applies to BME people who want to work in the NHS.

The Equality & Diversity Council prioritised the development of the WRES to tackle race inequalities, the WRES was identified as the best means to achieve this by helping the NHS to improve by:

  • BME representation at Senior Management and Board level
  • To provide better working environments for the BME workforce

Closing Gaps

The WRES is a tool to identify gaps between BME & White staff experiences in the workplace this is measured through a set of Metrics. In closing the gaps this will achieve:

  • Tangible progress in tackling discrimination
  • Promoting a positive culture
  • Valuing all staff for their contribution to the NHS

The result will be high quality patient care and improved health outcomes for all.


There are nine metrics related to the WRES, the Trust has published its first set of data in July 2015 presenting the findings both publicly and internally. The Trust also had to submit our findings to the Co-ordinating Commissioners and also to the NHS. The metrics should only be viewed as a starting point for Trusts.

The Trust has to report on its progress over the last twelve months and are subject to scrutiny and inspection. These can be found in the WRES Reporting Template, which are available on this page.

Current Position

The Trust developed an Action Plan in 2015 which was fully supported by the Board. The Action Plan has been monitored through the Board, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Group and the Quality Governance Group. Regular reports have been provided to the Board and senior managers as well as articles in the local Weekly Brief.

Action Plan

The Trust is developing a new action plan to ensure we are consulting and are inclusive in our approach we will be using the EDS2 events with both staff and community representatives to influence the new objectives. These events will take place in September 2016 and the new action plan with the results from EDS2 will be added as a report to the WRES.

​WRES Reporting Templates​

WRES Action Plan April 2016 – March 2017.pdfWRES Action Plan April 2016 – March 2017
WRES Reporting Template - July 2015.pdfWRES Reporting Template - July 2015
WRES Reporting Template Update and Action Plan December 2015.pdfWRES Reporting Template Update and Action Plan December 2015

Contact Details

Workforce Manager
Maria Watson

Email: Maria Watson